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DMX led bar 3D
DMX led bar 3D DMX led bar 3D DMX led bar 3D DMX led bar 3D DMX led bar 3D

DMX led bar 3D

Product ID : QY-MLT-01
Product Tags : LED PXIEL BAR
Product Attributes :

The shell is made of aluminum alloy /PC flame retardant plastic, with high strength, impact resistance and aging resistance.

Support DMX512/SPI control, manual and automatic address for choice, to meet the needs of customers on different occasions;

The signal transmission distance is long and the anti-jamming ability is strong.

Built-in high precision constant current drive IC, LED luminous effect consistency, color uniformity.

360° without dark area emission.

◇ The high quality 5050 lamp beads, working voltage is DC12/24V, power/pixel point can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

◇ Installation is simple to ensure the appearance and cleanliness of the installation surface.

Full filling process, waterproof performance is superior, up to IP65.

◇ The product is easy to install and replace;

Can assemble a variety of cool modeling;

It is used in bar, KTV, stage, shopping plaza and other places.

Length of lamps can be 0.75m/1.25m, more lengths are available for choice.

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