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Stair Light Controller
Stair Light Controller Stair Light Controller Stair Light Controller Stair Light Controller Stair Light Controller

Stair Light Controller

Product ID : QY-SC-01
Product Attributes :


Name: Phone control led stair lighting controller

Light mode: 6 different lighting modes ( flow, follow, bright, auto light up, Interval, cyclic)

Power: 350W max



Steps control: 30 steps at most

Other features: Horse racing light beside the steps



Adaptor supply power to the sensor, controller and then every led light. Install the led liht accordingly to the order of the steps. such as, first step light connect to Number "1", second step light connect to Number "2" and so on. At last, put the sensor to the place where the people can be sense easily. One sensor at the bottom of stair and another sensor at the top of the stairs. 



1>> When connect led light to controller, please install in correct order. 

2>>The controller can be installed in the invisable place.But make sure better lighting effect, please put the sensors at the place where the sensor can sense people easily. Suggest the access of stair stars. 

3>> Please make sure the led lights are connected in correct polar, Red cable is positive and blue cable is negetive.

4>> It can not work with High voltage directly.Please use adaptor of DC12-DC24v to help for the connection, 

5>> Suggest install the cables inside before decoration, then only led light need to be added future.

6>> Please put one sensor in each end of the stair, one top, one bottom.


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